Master Resale Rights

The vast majority of e-books in the Booktorrent library are available with full Master Resale Rights.

This means that Professional Members can sell the Master Resale Rights enabled content and keep 100% of the profits wherever you see the Master Resale Rights Available logo:

Download package for Master Resale Rights

You can sell the digital content in literally anyway you can think of:

  • Sell e-books individually
  • Create collections for sale together
  • Compile them onto physical media such as CD-ROMs, DVDs etc.
  • Create your own paid membership website
  • You can even print them out and sell physical copies on paper

In fact, the only thing you can’t do with them is give them away for free, be that as individual files, collections or on free membership websites.

So start your own business, be your own boss, and sell high quality e-books online now with a Professional Membership.

Are the e-books branded or rights managed?

No, all books are delivered in simple formats without need for special software or any digital rights management (DRM) whatsoever. This means that you are free to resell them in any way you please.

Can all e-books be resold?

Regrettably, a very small minority of the library catalogue is available for personal use only and therefore cannot be resold. You will see notice these items listed with the following logo:

We are sure you agree that it is extremely important to respect the wishes of our extremely talented authors and therefore ask that you do not resell these titles.